Founder’s Message

Judith Huysmans


If you dare to dream without restraint. If fears and uncertainties did not exist, what would you dream of?

I believe a human being is capable of the incredible if they dare to face the uncomfortable.

Setting yourself a goal, one of which you are not sure if it will be feasible for you, will push you to put everything in place to make it happen. This will get you into interesting situations with yourself and your environment.You may encounter discomforts such as losing your faith, or dealing with aches. You will have a very hard time, and you will surpass yourself. You will begin to doubt your skills but you will also surprise yourself with little and enormous successes that you never thought you could achieve. You will learn to choose for yourself and it will not always be an easy thing to do. You will need to ask for help and admit that you can’t do it all by yourself. You will gain more confidence in your body and your mind and you will get to know yourself in the most comprehensive way.

All this gives you awareness and confidence along with many other tools that can be used for life.

I started Endvr. because I believe challenging yourself with an ultimate physical goal is an incredible way to develop yourself. I often experienced, that by working with your body you train your spirit best. These highly valuable experiences prove to be so important in my life that I want to create the opportunity for others to experience the same. By guiding them at my best during this personal process I hope to leave a legacy that many will benefit from.

Judith Huysmans

Founder, Endvr.

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